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aggregate / agreg

A term that describes material used in the construction industry, such as sand, gravel and stone

Term sy'n disgrifio'r deunyddiau a ddefnyddir yn y diwydiant adeiladu, megis tywod, graean a charreg.

air / aer

A colourless gas substance that envelopes the Earth in the Atmosphere

Sylwedd nwy di-liw sy'n amgylchynu'r Ddaear yn yr atmosffer.


Someone who practices the study of early history. They may examine potential construction sites for historical evidence before development takes place.


The science or study of early history.


Someone who plans and designs structures,such as buildings, bridges etc. and is involved in their construction.


The art of building a structure. Dealing with the principles of design and construction.


The amount of space occupied by a two dimensional object contained within a boundary.

arkose / arcos

used to describe sandstone that has a high proportion of Feldspar, above 25%. This is normally associated with the weathering of a feldspar rich igneous rock such as granite.

Fe'i ddefnyddir i ddisgrifio tywodfaen sydd a chyfran uchel o ffelsbar, yn fwy na 25%. Mae hyn fel arfer yn gysylltiedig a hindreulio craig igneaidd sydd a llawer o ffelsbar megis gwenithfaen.

artesian well

A place where water flows out of the ground under its own pressure as opposed to being pumped.

assessment / asesiad

Finding out something, in environmental terms we carry out an assessment to see the effect of a construction project.

Dod o hyd i rywbethh, o ran termau amgylcheddol, rydym yn cynnal asesiad i weld affaith prosiect adeiladwaith.

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