Find out more about how a course in Moodle looks | I wybod rhagor am gynllun cwrs Moodle


1. All Moodle courses should contain general course information and Tutor/Lecturer contact details. | Dylai pob cwrs Moodle yn gynnwys gwybodaeth cwrs cyffredinol a manylion cyswllt Tiwtor/Darlithydd.

2. Course resources are arranged in sections. Different types of content can be displayed: Word, PDF, PowerPoint, Excel etc., web links, discussion forums, chats, assignment uploads, wikis, quizzes. Simply click on the name to open. | Trefnir adnoddau cwrs mewn adrannau. Gall gwahanol fathau o gynnwys fod ar gael: Word PDF, PowerPoint, Excel ac ati, dolenni gwe, fforymau trafod, sgyrsiau, aseiniadau wedi eu llwytho i fyny, wikis, cwis. Cliciwch ar yr enw er mwyn ei agor.

3. Blocks - The number and type of blocks are determined by your Tutor/Lecturer, you will have Administration and Navigation blocks you could also see Calendar, Messages, People, Latest News, RSS feeds. | Mae'r nifer o flociau a'r math o flociau yn cael eu pennu gan eich Tiwtor/Darlithydd. Bydd gennych flociau Administration a Navigation a dylech hefyd weld Calendr, Negeseuon, Pobl, Newyddion Diweddaraf, Crynodeb RSS.

4. Navigation - There is a breadcrumb navigation at the top of all Moodle courses that you can use to move around Moodle. You can also use the blue drop-down menu that appears at the top of the screen. | Mae llywio briwsion bara ar frig pob cwrs Moodle a gallwch eu defnyddio i fynd o amgylch Moodle.Gallwch hefyd ddefnyddio'r gwymplen las sydd ar frig y sgrin.

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